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With the support of Irish Design 2015 - a year-long celebration and promotion of the best of Irish design, craftsmanship and creativity, Dublin was officially selected as Prime Design Hub 2015 in August 2014.

Renowned designers from around the world will help to plan a varied schedule of events – workshops, exhibitions, festivals, talks and more – based on design themes and all designed to have a positive social, cultural, environmental and economic impact.

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Prime Design Hub

Promote your country with design.
Stimulate innovation, culture & economy.

Design, the creation of a plan, convention of a system and the ability to create new artifacts has become a major driving force to make travel destinations attractive, cities smart, countries competitive, products marketable and brands successful.

The Prime Design Hub designation is a publicity and promotion tool to advertise travel destinations and countries through good design, meanwhile stimulating innovation and culture as well as economy in the designated regions by organization of a series of design and knowhow exchange events that create value for the society.

Prime Design Hub schema was established by IAD, International Association of Designers to promote countries worldwide through design initiatives that could create positive social, cultural, environmental and economic impacts.

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Design Events

Organized by Prime Design Hubs

Regions honored with the Prime Design Hub title promises to sponsor and organize a significant number of design events during their "Prime Design Hub" designation period which lasts between 3 to 18 months.

Prime Design Hubs events are predefined, with each event especially designed and created to stimulate innovation, cultural and economic development within the designated region.

The Prime Design Hub initiative, helps the designated cities to open themselves to an international audience of designers, brands and media, and creates positive outcomes through knowhow exchange, improved awareness for design, international networking opportunities and media placement.

The Prime Design Hub designation is given to one region every year. Depending on the budget of each region, the size of the event differs, up to 40 prominent design events are held within the designation period in the region. This region can be a single city, a state or a whole country.

Prime Design Hub designated regions are expected to invest in several major and many minor design initiatives to improve socio-cultural and economic life through organization and sponsorship of the series of design events listed on the right, these events include but not limited to industry level conferences, academic symposiums, design exhibitions, networking events, workshops and international meetings.

Each event listed on the right has a Design Potential Score (DPS). For a region to be given the Prime Design Hub title, the minimum DPS must be 100, it means the region must organize as many events to reach the minimum DPS for the title to be given.

To receive the Prime Design Hub designation, a region should apply directly to IAD secretariat.

IAD will work on a proposal for Timetable and Program of Design Events as well as present options and ideas for design events..

Prime Design Hub designation include but not limited to organization of design events and undertaking design initiatives such as but not limited to:

PDH Benefits for the Host Region

Prime Design Hub will promote your region to the world meanwhile supporting local economy and citizens. Here we have 12 significant benefits.

Since the PDH lasts from three to fifteen months, we will be able to focus and specifically design activities and initiatives that focus on one of the twelve significant outcomes as listed below. Our twelve-point program starts with “Council” where we bring a brilliant team of world renown designers and strategic planners to organize the outlines of the event special for your region.

Prime Design Hub meeting


Use the experience and combined intelligence of the very best designers in the world to create new and better value propositions for your region. Engage with prominent designers, established scholars, influential media members and experienced professionals who are willing to contribute with their golden ideas.

Prime Design Hub community


Reach out to hundreds of millions of design enthusiasts worldwide, create global recognition and build good reputation for your region to attract designers, tourists, investors, entrepreneurs and brands. Improve your regional brand and re-position your region with good design, good business.

Prime Design Hub masks


Create cultural exchanges and social events that aim to improve life standards in your region by introducing design thinking and creativity. Communicate your cultural values to the world through international design events and happenings that carry your message.

Prime Design Hub construction


Initiate inbound knowledge transfer by organizing workshops and conferences that bring together international and local designers, brands and businesses. Spark one to one meetings with designers to create added value for local businesses as well as the government bodies.

Prime Design Hub pearl


Position your region as a modern, friendly, safe and trustable location for arts, design, architecture, innovation and entrepreneurship. Attract bigger brands and multinational companies to invest your region. Push forward your region as the place to design, build and develop.

Prime Design Hub papilion


Support local citizens, designers and businesses to become global stars. Gain public popularity by creating positive value for people. Organize popular culture events such as festivals, concerts, feasts, happenings and other performances that bring people under the same roof for education as well as entertainment.

Prime Design Hub culture


Create growth opportunities for local businesses in your region. Let the local businesses profit from international partnerships, new trade possibilities and innovative production. Educate, connect and empower local businesses with good design, good business theme.

Prime Design Hub travel


Create a global image as a world-class travel destination, organize design events such as Design Weeks and Design Awards to promote your region internationally, or build a new Design Museum that serves as a local tourist spot for your region.

Prime Design Hub team


Earn the respect and love of your citizens by creating events that add value to their social life, culture and economy in your region. The events organized under the program makes voters and communities more involved with your governance who supports good design for a better, brighter future.

Prime Design Hub award


The designation is a notable achievement that helps your region become worldwide popular, making your citizens feel deep pleasure and satisfaction as being part of an advanced population that leads the World with events and attractions that empower its citizens through good design.

Prime Design Hub golden eggs


Integrating good design practices and principles will increase economic output of the region without using additional resources. Design thinking and an appreciation as well as utilization of good design can help local companies increase their exports and demand for their production.

Prime Design Hub ribbon


Clearly show the achievements of your region to the World. Let your citizens know about your cultural, social and economic initiatives and success. Use the wisdom of the crowds as well as the organized initiatives to promote your cultural values as well as design values.

Prime Design Hub ribbon

PDH Benefits for the Host City Citizens

Prime Design Hub will connect you to the World, expand your horizons and create opportunities for you as a PDH Citizen. There are 12 significant benefits.

Since the PDH lasts from three to fifteen months, each month, different design and cultural activities and initiatives that focus on one of the twelve significant outcomes as listed below will be held. This program aims to improve the quality of your life as a PDH citizen by creating positive outcomes in terms of activities, job, community and relaxation opportunities.

Prime Design Hub spa


The council’s suggestions can potentially make your region a better place to live by introducing new and future public services that bring higher standards, imagine reduction of queues, faster breucracy, better services for citizens, more opportunities for businesses and satisfaction for citizens.

Prime Design Hub bags


The increase in tourism due to publicity created by PDH can help your region prosper and create new job opportunities for its citizens. Companies and brands who integrate design methods could potentially increase their profits by creating new products that are more appealing and well built.

Prime Design Hub graduation


Citizens can take part in academic conferences, workshops and symposiums to learn more about design, innovation and strategy. The public as well as the business people are educated for the value of good design and its role for economic development.

Prime Design Hub meeting


The PDH can bring many people, opportunities and possibilities for the citizens to connect with the rest of the World. Business people can connect with designers, designers can connect with public and the public can connect with your economic, cultural and social agendas.

Prime Design Hub bicycle


The events organized throughout the PDH program will create an awareness for good design practices and principles. The awareness and appreciation for good design is necessary for the society to move forward in its goals of becoming economically strong, socially influential and culturally radiant.

Prime Design Hub bag


Entrepreneurs will enjoy tradeshows, networking events and knowhow exchange and learn how to do better business with design. Incorporating design to business means achieving more with less, increasing GDP by developing new products and services that have more added value.

Prime Design Hub coins


Integrating design to business will help creation of more jobs, more sales value and better salary for workers in your city. Good design is good business because it decreases costs meanwhile increasing profits. Additional income means new investment opportunities.

Prime Design Hub concept


Design thinking and activates organized in your region, such as the Design Incubator can help creation of new businesses and jobs for your citizens. Design subsidies can give the final push the designers or companies need to shift to the design economy.

Prime Design Hub photography


Design Library, Design Exhibitions, and the Design Museum can help citizens learn and discover more about global design, arts and culture. The very same initiatives can also help educate foreigners, tourists and travelers about your own cultural richness and history.

Prime Design Hub community


The events organized during PDH brings together citizens worldwide and helps them to unite and communicate with each other under the good design theme. Communities exchange ideas, knowhow and contacts to create new initiatives and businesses that make the citizens wealthier.

Prime Design Hub zen


Citizens can check exhibitions, take part in public events, meet like-minded people and once again enjoy being a citizen of a designful region. The activities organized under the designation brings pleasure and happiness to locals and it further positively effects the way your region is viewed by foreigners.

Prime Design Hub people


The Art Festivals, Public Design Events, and Music Concerts that are organized as a part of the PDH will bring happiness to all different types of citizens. Not only you win the hearts and votes of your public, but also help them create a better future by making them aware about good design.

Prime Design Hub pen

Are you a Regional Representative?

Contact IAD now and nominate your region for Prime Design Hub designation. There are no fees for application or consideration. This is a non-profit program.

Becoming a Prime Design Hub will bring prosperity, growth and publicity to your region. Contact IAD secretariat to nominate your region for Prime Design Hub designation. Our representatives will reply you soon and we will initiate the process by sending your region a delegation.

Prime Design Hub Procedure

  • Invitation: The Host region invites the PDH delegation and funds the pre-organizational meeting. PDH Starts with a Council meeting where partakers meet and discuss. The PDH delegation comes and visits your region, and organizes an international round-table meeting with local representatives to decide together the order and magnitude of events to be held as a part of the program. A Draft of the PDH Program for your region is prepared and signed. It is important to note, there are no fees to be paid to the IAD to initiate the procedure for the Prime Design Hub process, however IAD does not cover the budget for events in your region, therefore before starting an invitation it is a good idea to have an operational budget in mind. Your operational budget should cover design initiatives as well as public happenings that are made as part of this program.

  • Program: The PDH Draft covers the program schedule and timetable of the design related events that would be organized in your region and prepares an agreement in which the Host states the list of design initiatives and their dates to be undertaken as part of the programme. Prime Design Hub assigns a special liaison responsible for organizing the events in your region. The host region appoints also a local contact that is responsible to assist and co-organize the events with the PDH liaison.The program should be almost ready for signature, again it is important to note that while we do not require an application fee, you should have a budget for organizing the events and running the publicity campaigns to ensure there is a public awareness and appreciation for the program in your region.

  • Agreement: The Host region signs PDH agreement based on the scheduled program and timetable as agreed on the Council meeting. Upon signature, the Host City starts marketing and promotion of the programme as agreed; both a local as well as a global advertising campaign is run, the campaign focuses on the region, good design and local culture. PDH representatives and the Host region’s local contact work together to ensure the PDH program is promoted and executed worldwide. The PDH Initiation Ceremony date is set, and all parties start their first cooperation. Usually the first cooperation is for organization of a joint event, this event can be an exhibition, a meet-up, a conference or anything that is related to design.

  • Opening: The PDH Designation is announced officially during a ceremony or cocktail with the attendance of high-profile individuals and businesspeople from your region. The initiation ceremony starts by announcing the whole World that your region has been chosen as the Prime Design Hub. Press Release is made and prepared in 40 languages and communicated to all countries and all publications. Events start to be organized by the cooperation of the PDH and local contacts. Media and public relations campaigns continue. During the opening, the booklet of events shall already be present, this booklet is distributed to press members and editors worldwide as part of a digital press kit, together with images and other material ready for publishing.

  • Conclusion: Upon conclusion of the Prime Design Hub active period, many key events are organized; such as workshops, conferences, symposiums, tradeshows, design competition, art festivals and others. The host region can decide to repeat the successful events in the following years. The PDH designation passes to another region at the end of the year. The previous PDH designated regions are encouraged to collaborate with us for organization of further events for design even the PDH active period ends. We usually try to create guidelines for organization of future events and initiatives.

  • Continuity: Even though now, another region is designated as the Prime Design Hub, the legacy stays and keeps contributing to the social life and economy your region. The Host region keeps in touch with the PDH throughout the years and can continue developing and supporting international events that could create value to its citizens and the world. We always wish that the PDH designation works as a creative spark to ignite design thinking in the region, and we hope to build a long lasting plan with design initiatives that repeat each year.
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Timetable and Program of Design Events

Outlines, locations and schedule of design events that are organized in your city during Prime Design Hub designation.

Prime Design Hub is an important national mega event that aims to augment tourism, industrial growth and economic prosperity through design for its designated city through organization of many sub-events, each having a specific purpose. Each Prime Design Hub is different and designed based on the requirements, needs and wishes of the host city. Each sub-event has a distinct Design Potential Score (DPS) and for a city to have the Prime Design Hub designation several sub-events must be organized, reaching a cumulative score of hundred (100) DPS. The “Timetable and Program of Design Events” is a definitive schedule of such sub-events, together with three paragraph description, location and target audience indication for each sub-event that would be organized throughout the year during the period in which your city holds the World Design Hub designated city title. “Timetable and Program of Design Events” design template and guidelines are usually design with collaboration with the host city following the local, regional or national targets for the city. Once the “Timetable and Program of Design Events” is prepared, it serves as a basis for organization of further events. “Deliverables” are outputs delivered or lend to the host city such as reports, documents, images, electronic materials, software, digital platforms or tools. “Timetable and Program of Design Events” is the first “Deliverable” and also serves as a milestone of the PDH organization. “Timetable and Program of Design Events” should further be printed and distributed to design oriented companies, designers, design schools and universities, public libraries, and tourist information points as well as shared online in social media by the host. The frequency of events as well as their concentration is decided by the host city, some cities prefer to organize events throughout the year, while some other cities focus on organizing all the events within a single week or within several months to ensure augmented public exposure in a shorter amount of time. We are able to suggest a preliminary schedule based on the available budget, space (list of locations, their capacity and availability) and event frequency preference (such as to whether design all events to fit a single week, a month, three months, six months or the whole year). Before we would suggest a schedule, it is essential that the host city reviews our list of different events and have a better understanding of their scope, potential reach and effects on the city.


  • Timetable and Program of Design Events : A5 Size Document that Contains 1 Page for Each Event.
  • Prime Design Hub Communication Materials : Dedicated Logo, Editorial Images and Other Electronic Content that could be used for marketing, advertising and communication.
  • Staff Assignment and Roles : A4 Size Document containing a list of specialists assigned for assisting the Prime Hub Designation organization in your city together with contacts, capabilities and roles.


Prime Design Hub envelope

Are you a Citizen?

Contact your local authority, superintendent, major or governor now and ask them to apply for Prime Design Hub designation for your region.

There are no fees for application however the applications must be done by a person of power, representative of your region, furthermore your regional authorities must have an iron will to organize and sponsor a series of design events that create value for the public.

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