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With the support of Irish Design 2015 - a year-long celebration and promotion of the best of Irish design, craftsmanship and creativity, Dublin was officially selected as Prime Design Hub 2015 in August 2014.

Renowned designers from around the world will help to plan a varied schedule of events – workshops, exhibitions, festivals, talks and more – based on design themes and all designed to have a positive social, cultural, environmental and economic impact.

2015 is an exciting year for Irish design and an unprecedented opportunity to celebrate Irish design at home and abroad. A programme of events grouped around different design themes will raise awareness of the benefits of design in everyday life and the growing importance of design-led innovation.

Irish Design 2015 and the Prime Design Hub events together have the potential to act as a catalyst, propelling Ireland into the international rankings of creative, innovative and design-led economies.

Below is a preview of the PDH 2015 programme:

In the Making

Discover the magic behind ordinary: production of design.

In The Making, curated by leading designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, captures a series of objects mid-manufacture, putting the aesthetic of the unfinished centre stage. Varying from the €2 coin to a hurley, a surprising range of objects have been chosen to be exhibited in an incomplete state, celebrating the intriguing beauty of the production process.

When: January – March Where: Dublin Castle


Ireland’s International Creative Expo

Now in its 38th year, Showcase is Ireland’s premier Creative Expo. With over 435 exhibitors, Showcase puts a major emphasis on promoting new products and actively promotes exciting new exhibitors and their work. Usually only open to retailers, this year it will open to the public for the chance to stock up on unique, design-led products in fashion, knitwear, crafts, gifts and home accessories.

When: January Where: Dublin

IBEC Conference – Design into Business

IBEC Leadership Conference is Ireland’s premier business event and the go to for CEOs and business leaders.

The event provides real opportunities for business to collaborate, debate and gain fresh insights into a world that has fundamentally changed, and will in 2015 focus on the value and impact of design. It attracts over 250 chief executives and senior leaders from across the spectrum of industry, along with another hundred CEOs and leaders from government, state agencies and the political world.

When: February Where: Dublin

Fresh Talent

Discover the best emerging Irisih Design Talents

This show will celebrate and nurture the best emerging Irish Design talent from a diverse range of disciplines. The exhibition will bring visitors face to face with the next generation of design leaders, helping launch graduates into the world of contemporary design, through a curated exhibition platform.

When: March Where: Dublin Castle

Hidden Heroes

The Genius of Everyday Things

They influence our lives. They number in the billions. They are so common that we rarely pay them any heed. Hidden Heroes: The Genius of Everyday Things, presents thirty-six of these everyday classics, telling their history and demonstrating the enormous significance they have today, both conceptually and economically. By telling the stories behind these objects, Hidden Heroes offers a fascinating insight into the larger context of cultural and industrial history.

When: April – June Where: Dublin Castle

Service Design

Service Design in the Public Sector

The conference, organised by The Northern and Western Regional Assembly, will cover Service Design and its value propositions.

When: June Where: Dublin

Irish Design Here/Now

This flagship exhibition will explore new design in Ireland and the work of Irish Designers at home and abroad.

The ID2015 flagship exhibition will explore design in Ireland and the work of Irish designers at home and abroad. Ireland’s creative output has often been framed by international successes in literature, music, acting, filmmaking and art. Yet, these represent only a small and incomplete picture of the breadth of Irish creativity. The exhibition will chart the creative development of Irish design, and capture a dynamic phase as Ireland recovers from austerity to explore how Irish Design responds to the hopes and dreams of its people.

When: July – September Where: Dublin

IAD Conference

The International Association of Designers Conference.

The IAD - International Association of Designers Conference will cover a series of talks by the IAD Board members focusing on how good design improves the quality of life of citizens worldwide. Special emphasis will be given to topics such as: value of design, design awareness, design for society, and design philosophy.

When: September Where: Dublin

A' Design Award

Best Design Works from 78 Countries

The A' Design Awards is a premier annual juried design competition that honors the best designers, architects, engineers, design studios and design oriented companies worldwide. Every year, projects that focus on innovation, technology, design and creativity are awarded with the A' Award. Supporting global design culture, the A’ Design Awards create incentives for entrants to come up with superior designs for a better future.

When: October Where: Dublin Castle

The Future is Here

Want to know your additive manufacturing from your 3D printing, and find out how the 'new industrial revolution' will impact your life? Or just want to understand more about how the things around you are made?

Then visit The Future is Here. We are in the midst of a transformation in the way we design, make and use the objects that we depend on. It is a transformation that will affect commerce, industry, and the way that we all live as profoundly as any previous Industrial Revolution. The exhibition explores how the boundaries between designer, manufacturer and consumer are becoming increasingly blurred. See some of these manufacturing techniques demonstrated in The Future is Here Factory and find out how they will change the designed world around you.

When: November – December Where: Dublin


Universal Design Conference

Universal Design Conference Dublin will cover in-depth topics on universal design practices and principles.

When: November Where: Dublin


The Contemporary Exhibition for Art & Design.

Portfolio showcases contemporary work by Ireland’s most renowned makers across the following disciplines: Ceramics, jewellery, fashion, glass, metals, textiles, paper, calligraphy, furniture, woodwork, basketry, product design. The featured makers collectively demonstrate the high standards of design quality and technical skill required to produce unique, innovative objects.

When: December Where: Dublin Castle

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Check the official Irish Design 2015 Programme

In addition to the events listed above an ongoing extensive programme of commissioned and fringe events including workshops, design challenges, lectures and conferences will occur throughout the year. Learn more about these design events and discover them at

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